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The Aging Indiana Jones, Space Aliens, a Weird Plastic Skull and the Indians...

I saw the new Indiana Jones movie, and thought the concept was kind of interesting but was annoyed that the Russians were turned into the cartoonish villains of the week, (what's next? Arabs? Somebody needed to replace the Nazis). Also, why is it that anyone with even a hint of pigment in their skin is turned into an ultra-violent, primitive, sadistic murderer who kills all outsiders on sight? It's like:

INDIANA JONES: Jeepers! Natives!


Then a jungle wide chase ensues usually ending on a cliff where all the natives die or are driven off in hysterics at the concept of the flashlight or the sneaker. I will say, though, that I liked the general plot. I dig aliens, South America, skulls and lost cities. The Crystal Skull seemed to be a conglomerate of the crystal skull found in Mexico in the 1920s and the weirdly shaped Star Child Skull that some say is of an alien but is probably from a child suffering from some kind of bone deformity. Keeping to the pattern of the Indiana Jones Suspension of Belief to Watch This Movie Plan, we are presented with Cate Blanchett dressed up as the cartoon character Natasha, minus Boris, a grizzled, long-haired John Hurt, seeming to reprise his role as the spaced out incarcerated hippie in "Midnight Express", a Marlon Brando stereotype with motorcycle, (since this is the 1950s) two trenchcoat wearing KGB agents in a smalltown American malt shop, and fully uniformed Russian soldiers waltzing around the Peruvian jungle with trucks and other military vehicles.

And ants! AND SNAKES!

There are also alot of Cold War stereotypes. But: oh, go see it anyway!
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