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orangebeaver's Journal

1 July 1966
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I'm from Oregon and proud of it. I have lived in Alaska and England, too, and I've been to 48 countries in the world. I'd like to have chats about politics, history, life with anybody that wants to write to me! (P.S., I'm in support and optimistic about, President Obama).

I'm in love with Ami, and live with her in idyllic Clinton, New York, one hour east of Syracuse.

I APPROVE OF: 1. American history, 2. John F. Kennedy, 3. Chocolate ice cream, 4. Jim Morrison, 5. Pasta, 6. Our Lady of Guadelupe, 7. Martin Luther King, Jr., 8. Snowcapped mountains, 9. Nelson Mandela, 10. Sir Edmund Hillary, 11. Joan of Arc, 12. Robert F. Kennedy, 13. Clam chowder, 14. Fall, 15. Sarah Polley, 16. Astronomy, 17. Evolution, 18. Gay people, 19. San Francisco, 20. The Native Americans, 21. The Alabama Crimson Tide, 22. Baked catfish, 23. Pinatas, 24. Fencing, 25. Guitars

I DISAPPROVE OF: 1. George W. Bush, 2. Satan, 3. Karl Rove, 4. Al Qaeda, 5. The Young Republicans, 6. The Confederate flag, 7. Jerry Falwellism, 8. Donald Rumsfeld, 9. Blind military intervention, 10. Astroturf, 11. Anne Coulter, 12. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, 13. Kim Jong Il, 14. The Minutemen, 15. Fanaticism, 16. Terrell Owens, 17. Vladimir Putin, 18. Declawing cats, 19. Pit bulls, 20. Short-track speed skating, 21. Cops being fascist executioners, 22. Bling, 23. Holocaust deniers, 24. Global warming, 25. Hummers
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